20 Lessons Learned At Age 20

Since I turn 21 in a few months, here are 20 lessons the Lord has taught me at age 20 in hopes that it may offer encouragement to someone. 1. I don’t live to please people, I live to please my King, Jesus. 2. Jesus’ love satisfies. I need nothing more than him. 3. Attentive…


Fire Refines

Looking back on my life in 2022, the 'real world' hit me in the face abruptly. I don't mean world news or politics, though of course the current political climate warrants concern. I mean people---the complexity of human nature, and the warring relation between humility and pride. But I suppose that happens when one goes…

Loving God with the Mind (Part 2) 4 Reasons Why You Should and What Could Happen if You Do

Defending Christianity Blog

We live in an anti-intellectual age.

To grasp this, all we have to do is observe the surrounding culture. Seemingly everywhere we look, our feelings are valued over reality and our emotional experiences over reason.

Anti-intellectual Christianity

This spirit of anti-intellectualism has not only invaded the culture but the church as well. In worship, sermons, and even evangelism, one’s subjective experience is often prioritized over God’s revealed truth. For example, in Todd White’s video “Sharing Jesus When Someone Wants to Debate,” White intends to share his faith with a Muslim.

When asked by the Muslim if Jesus is God, however, White hesitates to offer him a clear answer. Instead, White refers the Muslim to his personal testimony, which did not touch on the Muslim’s question at all. Though perhaps White’s testimony might be effective in another context, the Muslim did not respond well to it. He was searching for a…

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Three Years

It’s been three years since I’ve pressed publish on this little blog. December 27, 2019 – seems like a lifetime ago. At the time, I was a senior in high school. My family had just experienced a sweet Christmas, overflowing with the provision of God and the love of his church after my dad lost his…

Twofold Truth of Immanuel

For some, the Christmas season is wonderful, commemorating all things merry and bright. There are cookies to decorate, movies to stream, gifts to wrap, people to serve, and family and friends to pull close. But for many others, the Christmas season is paired with seemingly more challenges than cheer. Perhaps hidden behind their relaxed smiles…